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 Well, I know nobody goes on here anymore.

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PostSubject: Well, I know nobody goes on here anymore.   Tue Apr 14, 2015 9:15 pm

Hey guys, it's Emily (or 'Millie', as I used to go by). I know that nobody will read this and that's okay. I just want to talk a little and know that it's here.
Bearville closed a few weeks ago, at the end of March. I hadn't been on for over a year, but I went on to check up on my account (as I do) and saw that they were closing. Well, that was no surprise. The place was practically a graveyard.
I just think it's sad that they had to close the site. I feel like all of my childhood has disappeared from beneath me as I continue high school and all of these things are disappearing like it's nobody's business.
I made so many friends on Bearville/YouTube/Other Forums and I don't keep in contact with any of them; well, one of them, but that's only via Instagram. I just wish I could talk to all my old friends again, see where they are, see how they're doing.
I got in trouble in 2010 or 2011 (I don't remember) for using MSN Messenger to talk to people from Bearville. I had my computer taken away for a while, and when I got back, I thought I was 'too mature' for this site. I started playing Minecraft and got in trouble yet again for using Skype this time to chat (when would I learn?)...
I realize now that I was stupid and shouldn't have been giving out personal information, I was just such a lonely kid. As an only child who was bullied at school, I turned to the internet as my safe haven.
Anyway, not to bore anyone (ha! Like there's readers), I'll stop blabbing on about this.
I just wish I could talk to Mark and Jen and Adriana again. I think those were their names, anyway. Everything from my childhood has turned into a blur. It's been 4 years of nothing but chaos.
As always, stay cool.
England Plop
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Well, I know nobody goes on here anymore.
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